Hello EBL Teams,

these are the upcoming topics.

1 Kings of the Pool

2 Hidden Scoreboard

3 Friendship Game

4 EBL Spartakiade

5 Never Stop Developing

Kings of the Pool

Team Hypnosapos from Uruguay claimed their second championship title in a row in another great win over SDHD from Austria and Rohan from Germany.





Because Hypnosapos won 3 titles and even in a row they earned themselves the "Triple" badge.


Hidden Scoreboard

EisFrei already implemented on March 7th this new scoreboard but today I was pointed on it. Check out Agents in the menu and select the button Top Agents and you will visit Top Agents. This table gives you an overview on which player of the EBL is in the lead in ingress stats. These stats do not count from the beginning of the EBL. Your current total stats are compared. So check out this scoreboard and hunt those players who are in the lead.


Friendship Game

Currently team CocasPT and ENL Madrid OPs & MUs are playing a weekly match up. To give them a better overview on their way to the end, we created a game beginning from the start and ending on each day in between.

Oh and by the way, thanks CocasPT for using the EBL logo for your logo. It looks great!!!



Just give us a call if you like to play a game as well.

EBL Spartakiade

The EBL Spartakiade will start on May 7th and will end on May 27th.

How will this work?

Singleplayer Event

(May 7th - 14th)

Each player has to choose for her- or himself which is the best stat to compete in.
From May 7th to May 14th, 7 games are presented. Each player has to join a special team, play the game and look on the scoreboard of the game. Games do overlap so it will not be possible to compete in each game. You have to decide which is your strength. You can compete in more than one game but think about it, you have to finsh the game before changing the team or you won´t be on the scoreboard.




(May 15 - 20th)

All player rejoin their regular teams.

Multiplayer Event

(May 21th - 27th)

We will put all teams in one division for the season EBL Spartakiade 2018 and the daily scoreboard will show us the winner of the daily competition. This way only the best 8 of a team will count and no more. The regular scoreboard will present the total team.

21th-22th Team AP
22th-23th Team MU
23th-24th Team Destroy
24th-25th Team Deploy
25th-26th Team Fields
26th-27th Team Captures



Missing stats in the pics and website will be added until then. I wrote EisFrei to add the missing stats.

Never Stop Developing

The EBL gives us so many possibilities to try something new, something we never did before but we always think about a reason to try it. Creating a symbol, a website, a global tournament or just writing with people from all around the world and not thinking about the distance and language which is dividing us. In the last months we met people who are like us. We don´t live the game, we live the idea of the game. We share time with people we never would have known if not for this game. All I want to say is thanks to all of you!!

Coming back to doing things for a reason. Since a world cup trophy has to look much bigger and better, we tried something new to create a trophy. We are still testing the product but for the beginning it looks nice. At least it is made faster than with a 3D printer. :-)






That`s all for today. Have fun and stay save.


EisFrei and durschdti