Hello EBL Teams,

a big sensation has happened in the Final. Both teams already met last month in the same position and SDHD crushed IENS by more than 3 millions AP but this time revenge was the drink served by IENS. Two players from IENS were more eager enough than anybody else to change the score into their favor. Agent choell and Agent trina88, each of them made more than 1.5 million AP from 7 p.m. till 2 a.m. In the middle of the night both surprised all and seeked for triumph in a very close final game.

The king is dead, long lives the king.


Congrats to the first Beta Season Title



Reader letters

I had an reaction on my last EBL News. Today I found out it have been two blue players. First of all, thx for reading. Second, #AFCAYOUTH I sent you an invite via HO today. I don´t want to ignore the fact but here is the deal.

Two weeks ago I had almost the same experience with green players. One was complaining that a green player was giving blue players burster and other stuff to destroy things so he can rebuild it and make point. You, AFCAYOUTH, telling me we are having spoofers in our system.

I play this game almost 4 years and I never used anything to have an advantage and I am totaly against it even if my long time portal is being destroyed be the same guy over and over again at day 88 or earlier. Thats why I created the idea of this league. Making rules which I can control because Nia can´t witch hunt every player we report. How can a spoofer cheat in the EBL if no points are given for MU? Why kicking a player who is not breaking a rule of the league? If we create a rule it has to count for everyone. I totaly agree on the term that spoofing shouldn´t be supported but how shall we define the rule? The same with the trading. We aren´t Niantic. We can´t control the agent profile or postion as good as they do. That is another reason why we only make it for green because of the win trading. Com scrapper tools where named for evidence but we can´t use this as a offical tool to control all players. We have to write the rule book by what we have legal so it will count for anybody.

If any one of you has a solution how to solve those problems, don´t tell me, tell nia. I know much of it what is possible in this game but I turned away and stopped reading. I am looking for different ways to find solutions and that is why the EBL was founded. We are still in Beta testing but it gave many players a new drive to play again because we take a different view and try to make it better.

So don´t tell us that people cheat. I know it better than anybody else every 88 days that it is happening but I try to change it and if we have players in our EBL who cheat or cheated, we only can check their profile in the comm and their uploads which has to have one TG account and a connected G+ account for one ingress account and this is pretty much to do if you want to cheat with many accounts.

Small smurfs big goals

congrats to the smurf faction even if they didn´t do it but your mascots did have a great day. Keep up with this and take them as role models.


Mission Day Dortmund

We are looking forward to meet many of you.

All Star Game

On the 25th. 2 Players can´t play. I will try to replace them.

Ok, that´s all for today. A smurf just dropped by and we will have a beer and talk about soccer or something different than ingress because he is still a human behind the scanner. :-)


EisFrei and durschdti