Hello EBL Teams,

it have been 2 weeks since the last news. Today I found some time to give you the lastest update on our work.

Playoff Games

Yesterday some players told me they were waiting for the news to be informed about the upcoming games.

Please, always check on https://liga.erleuchte.de/games at the end of the month or in the beginning of the new season.

I create the games after the monthly scoreboard is taken. The best 10 teams will play in the playoffs. If your teams hits the top 10 than please check the games. In edition to, EisFrei created a new tool, an ical. Check out https://liga.erleuchte.de/games and tap on the highlighted bold "ical". If your team has any upcoming games it will place the date into your personal calander or which one you prefer.

I created dummy games for the next month. So you can see how the scadual will be and always will be. The days stay the same.



As you can imagen, EisFrei and I don´t have always time to create games. In future we will use the daily stats of the team to compare the teams in the games. This way we bring season and the playoffs on the same level of using. You will always have the same upload windows like in the season, you don´t have to upload twice a day and even if you missed to check on games you still have the change to be in the score. Like in the season the best 8 players will be compared.

Which brings me to the main point of this news letter.

Sharing is caring

We are thinking about our scoring system a lot. How will it work with more teams in a division, is average or sum counting better.

Yesterday I wrote with EisFrei. The average counting is great in the beginning. Small teams can compete with bigger teams. Sum counting is better if every team has 8 players or more who upload every day.

Many players write us their opinion. At the moment we count the average in the season and sum in the playoffs. Small teams could reach the playoffs but will get crushed by the bigger teams in the first round. We changed that by selecting the best 10 teams of the month by total AP. The big teams will battle each other. Now we are planning to bring both systems together, playoffs and season, by using the daily scoreboard but will we use sum or average? You see where I am going? :-) This is the tricky part. By changing the system all the time, you don´t know why you are receiving points. We want to see if it works or if we should use the other way around.

We will run a test and if it won´t work we will change it but please, don´t be angry if your team will loose because we tested it in this moment. We are still in beta testing and not in a World Cup Final where 10.000.000 people bet on the winner but nobody said it is not on our list. :-)

We hope you are all fine. Thx for supporting us.

Great job of all Agents around the world by leading in the Shard Game.

As I wrote last time, EisFrei and I will meet in Dortmund for the Mission Day and we will answer questions in person if you hand us a beer or two. :-)

Yesterday I sent a box to South Africa for their Mission Day and I hope it will find it´s way. It was a bit of a pain shipping something to a country outside of the EU but I think the customs will agree on my informations on the box.

Nothing left to say but


EisFrei and durschdti