Hello EBL Teams,

we thank both ALL STAR TEAMS for the great play.
This time I created for both teams a TG Group to ask if some can´t play. Some of the players could play because of family or other more important real life stuff. And it is great because they told me. So I switched them with new players. In the end not 8 vs 8 played the game but 5 vs. 5 and this is the score.


10 players managed to create 9,2 million AP in 24 hours. Great job.
It was great for me too because I could read the motivation in both teams.

Team Cosmic Toads

Spargel: Good luck Guys!
MrGreen36: U2
carpediem1160: 400k for today :joy::joy:
angjaho: 330K for today
MrGreen36: 630k
Worfinator: Me 68k. Couldn´t do more, sorry.

Team Space Frogs

BlackSeaTiger: How much Ap have you already collected?
takri: 500k
Janc70: 1350k
BlackSeaTiger: I have 1000k
BodhiDeluX: 300k. But I'm schwimming with my kids right know
takri: Have fun!
slurf: 400k

It was great but I notices some misunderstandings of some players and this is also good because we can work with the feedback and fix the problems.




We a analytics tool for the Blog and Website to have more feedback if you like our project.

  • 10.246 Sessions

  • 1.086 User

  • average time for a session: 4:51 minutes

  • Sessions from a Apple iPhone: 1.432

Sessions started by countries

by cities

As you see, you are not alone in your country and I am sorry that the map shows blue analytics. I couldn´t change it to green. :-)

None the less, i still see some white spots and that tells us we have a lot more to do.

Beta Season V

We try to fix some problems and try to settle on the final way how the EBL should work.

In march is Mission Day in Dortmund, Germany and EisFrei and I try to meet each other for the first time in person. We hope until then we found our way how the EBL should work and look like because we rather want to have a beer than coming up with big ideas. :-)


EisFrei and durschdti