Hello EBL Teams,

SDHD made the triple complete and won the EBL Playoffs 3 times in a row.


In the Vienna "Battle for the Sachertorte" SDHD defeated the NinjaFrogs in a battle a normal city would like to dream of. Over 11 Million AP were earned by both teams. I wish Dresden would have so many portals.

Best Player of the Game was Agent Spargel with amazingly 2.222.222 AP


Congratulation to SDHD

Friendship Game

Team AngryFrogs asked me for a friendship game. I asked our friends from South Africa if they are interested. Both teams played a day before the final. I love your teamlogos. :-)


Team AngryFrogs would like to play more games. They asked me if 3 people could play against them next friday because only 3 of them are avaible for this day. If any teams are interested please contact durschdti or a player from team AngryFrogs.

Season V

I am thinking about to make the season one month longer and to put more teams into the playoff games. I will try this next month. The season has to be longer if the playoffs have more teams. Lets see how this will work out. I have some more ideas but I have to asked EisFrei if he agrees or likes to kill me because of changes again. :-)

ALL Star Game

Players, pleas don´t forget about the game. :-)



As we said before.

Congrats to SDHD

Greetings from Germany to all of you

EisFei and durschdti