Hello EBL Teams,

three uploads are left until the season will end and the new Playoffpicture will be set.

We have to change something. We just found a mistake. Playoff pic will be shown after the season has ended.

SDHD, do you feel lucky about the triple? :-)

New features

TG Bot

Now you can link the @EnLigaBot to your team TG group by saying /enablebroadcasts. All of your team will receive the broadcast in this chat.

User Settings

EisFrei will change your https://liga.erleuchte.de/settings to give you options if you like to receive all braodcasts or just special Informations. I will select one of the topics and you will or will not receive a broadcast for you normal account.


Not everybody is using RSS to follow this blog. To keep you informed we would prefer to have one way but this is more difficult as it sounds. Many users are annoyed by receiving the broadcast and having RSS and on G+ they will find it too, https://plus.google.com/collection/Yt-kPE. We try to inform as many as possible but we don´t want everybody to be spammed. I think I will tell EisFrei to implement this blog on the website. This way we don´t have to send a braodcast, I don´t have to post it on G+ and after a while you will know where to find things, so I don´t have to write stuff all over again because I was asked. :-)

EBL is used for Community Events

My hometown community used our website to create a weekly event. They played for the crown of who is the best Builder. The weekly upload counts from sunday 8.01 p.m. till 7.59 p.m. next sunday. This way you can use the EBL for community events as well. Monthly is from the 1st to the 1st of the month. Choose wisely, :-), to deploy 48 resos on one portal doesn´t bring you the best results in the season and on the scoreboard. :-)


It is all about the fun. Compete with friends from around the world in your team, season, playoffs or in future friendship games.

All Star Game

The next All Star Game is set and i wait for the results of this month to enter in the players. https://liga.erleuchte.de/games/91


I still can´t say the differens between achievments and badges but we are working on it. :-) To have a
recognition of our logo we take the background of the logo and put in some pics. Yesterday evening I had a talk to a friend how it should look like and where she can put in the pink unicorn. :-)

I tried it myself to create a badge but after 5 hours I was a little bit unhappy. :-)

Here are some attempt to create a badge for the champions. :-)


Enough for today. :-)

We wish you a nice day and we thanks you very much for supporting our project.


EisFrei and durschdti