Hello EBL Teams,

the ALL Star Game has ended. Before the game started I wrote every player personaly that the game will be on that day.

On the one hand it is pretty cold outside and on the other it is in the middle of the week. Perhaps it was one of those reason why 5 players couldn´t attempt to this game. Sadly it were 4 on one side. I am a bit sorry for Team Space Frogs but I am proud of Team Cosmic Toads. I take my lessons out of this game and will make it better next time.

My thoughts

I will test a calendar option for the upcoming games. Perhaps this will help. I realy don´t want to let you play only on weekends. If we break it down on weekends we have to play longer than a month to come to an end. I like the idea to give every team a good chance to advance quickly to a higher division or having the chance every month to become World Champion.


Ok, enough of prehistory to this game, lets check on the results.

Check out the game on the Website. https://liga.erleuchte.de/games/90



EisFrei and durschdti