Hello EBL Teams,

it is time for the ALL Star Game. Load your burster and stay save.

The Game will start at 19:00 o´clock = 7 p.m. CET

Players from Columbia, your time will be 14:00 o´clock = 2 p.m.



Playoff Scoreboard

The end of the January is closing in and I have an update on the Playoff Scoraboard. I am sorry we can provide this scoreboard on the website. We have aconflict if two tables are in the same time period. So the tables would colide and the score wouldn´t make sence.

I placed all teams in one division and let them compare as if they would have been playing in there all season long by using the points you can earn.

As you can see it is better for competition to create many different divisions with the chance to advance to a higher divison than losing the motivation if you and your team lost to much ground to the playoff seat.

The teams in the red square keep the current playoff seats. Keep on uploading and fight for the campionship round.


Top Teams by Teammates

With in days Team ZA_L33TS became the leading team having the most teammembers. 39 Members have joined this team after it has been vreated 3 days ago.

Check out on https://liga.erleuchte.de/teams and sort by members.

Thanks a lot Springboks


EisFrei and durschdti