Hello EBL Teams,

we are trying some new stuff.

New Look

EisFrei changed the look of the games. Now it looks great because everyone can see your team logo and the stats are under the team name.

Languange Update

Slå mig

Team SL8K supported us with their knowledge about the swedish language and can be selected in the settings now.

ayudar, pomoći, pomoc

We wrote EnlightenedCAT to help us with spanish but if anyone else is a native speaker and would like to help us, just give us a call or send us a Telegram message. :-)


Yesterday I forgot to mention ZombieTLT for helping us with Russian. I added him in the text but I want to mention him again. We had a different way which we totaly forgot about but he did the same job month ago. Спасибо MrBinnary and ZombieTLT

All Star Game

I want to reward the single players with an All Star Game. I hope you like the names of the teams. I will hopefully find some time to create some nice logos until than the standard EBL will do it. This is the first action to encourage the community to advance the Enlightened team spirit around the world.

In the All Star Game the best 16 players of the season after the playoffs will be placed into two team.

  • All Star Team Cosmic Toads vs All Star Team Space Frogs

  • The All Star Game will be played on the 25th to the 26th of the month

  • The Players will be selected as followed

  • 1221122112211221

  • 1 = Toads, 2 = Frogs, count down from the first place

  • we have to change your team for some minutes into the All Star Team and change you back after we did all we had to do



The Game will start at 19:00 o´clock = 7 p.m. CET

Team Columbia, your time will be 14:00 o´clock = 2 p.m.

The best setting for this game will be to use the last reminder. You will play 1 day like in the Playoffs.

All Star Team Cosmic Toads

1 carpediem1160 – SDHD
1 angjaho – Ninjafrogs
1 BlackSeaTiger – Frogswat HL
1 Meedaz - Dresden
1 SpargeI - SDHD
1 wingman77-Brunswick Lions
1 puffy87-IK
1 KirillDE –Spätzelconnection==

All Star Team Space Frogs

2 kirean – SL8K
2 Dcrodg - Illumintos Columbia
2 Gnurb –SL8K
2 Josoft - Illumintos Columbia
2 ripper666 - SDHD
2 SkaPete - Ninjafrogs
2 BodhiDeluX – SDHD
2 chaos004 – no team==

Perhaps some team want to recruit choas004. :-)


EisFrei and durschdti