Hello EBL Team,

today we had our first Final and both Teams SDHD and IENS made a great game.

I am so happy that many teams keep up with the league. If the upload won´t work for you we are on it. We noticed our faults and we try to fix it. You will have the chance to become Enlightened World Champion.

Now let us have a check on the result of the finale.


Congrats to the second beta test champion title to Team



Who will stop this Team before they can do the triple? Season three is already in their favor. Lets see who will challange them.


As you noticed the scoreboard has expanded. If you click on your team and use daily, weeklyor monthly you will have an overview only of your team with your final daily, weekly or monthly ranks.

Language Update

Today we got in touch with Enlightened_PT from Portugal. They helped us with their language. A lot of word have been translated and can be used if you select the language in your settings. MrBinnary and ZombieTLT have helped us with the russian language. Thank you all for your support!

Download your Stats

EisFrei created a button for you to download your personal stats as an CSV in https://liga.erleuchte.de/stats.


EisFrei and durschdti