Hello EBL Teams,

Upcoming Final

18th January 2016 19:00– 19th January 19:00 SDHD - IENS

Check out the players of both teams who will compete against each other.

The whole EBL Team whishes both teams luck and a clean green fight. Keep up and farm well to be ready to become the first team to reach for the crown.

Creating a Screenshot

Some players nevr used a tool to safe their stats and I would like to help them. On the one hand how should you know how to do it and on the other hand it is a bit funny for somebody who knows how to do it. So please take this as an help and don´t feel offended, the fault is the interpretation of screenshot. Sharing is the right word.

  • Don´t use the Home Button + Power Button to create a screenshot.

  • use the share button in your stats

  • please be sure you selected All and not Monthly, Weekly or Now

Result of making a Screenshot


Use the red highlighted button and go to Telegram and send it as data from your gallery and do share it directly!


send it as mail

Just follow the instructions, https://liga.erleuchte.de/help.


Result of using the sharebutton



Eisfrei and durschdti