Hello EBL Teams,

EisFrei warmed up his finger tips and did create some nice stuff. This is actual gameplay footage of him. :-)


Check your teammates

My home town community Dresden asked me if we could filter some stats so they can see who did best.

  • e.g. https://liga.erleuchte.de/teams/17

  • now you can check on 8 stats in any team

  • you can filter who is best by clicking on the name of the stat you want

  • you have shortcuts to daily, weekly and monthly for only this team

  • it is not finished yet but you will see the 8 stats in daily, weekly and monthly too


Now you can check on your own teammates if they did send an upload and if they have mistakes in the upload.

Create your own community awards:


What is possible at the moment

  1. all players can compete against their own teammates
  2. teams compete against each other in the divison to advance to a higher divsion to win the season
  3. the 10 best teams of the season will compete in the playoffs to become the EBL Champion

A look into the future

If you set the timezone in your settings, https://liga.erleuchte.de/settings, we can create more games. With the timezone setup we can create country teams and continental team which can compete with each other.


Break the barrier of communication and find together by playing in one team. You still stick to your team but if we take the best players of the season and place them in the country or continantal team to win a different cup, this would bring players from different nations closer together. You would play at home but still side by side with somebody from a different country and team. We also wouldn´t have to play a playoff season for the teams only. We could make it more random. One month team playoffs, one month country playoffs and another month continental playoffs or all together. We want to create a special reward for those players who are best in playing and bring them together.

Chatting with Smurfs

Today three blue players tried to register for the EBL. Thanks for not using a second green account. I had to block them but we had a nice chat. They liked the idea of the league but we agreed on win trading as the big x faction problem. I told them if the EBL is doing great we could think about creating a RBL. So the best teams, countries and continantal teams could compete in a Scanner Bowl™ against each other. But we are green and we want to take this project out of beta first before open up new dreams. To copy paste the script and replace the green with blue stuff lets our heart bleed but perhaps we could do that. :-) I still like the idea to provide a game with all blue and green players in the world in only two teams. :-) Thanks for the nice chat @Wuslus22, @mtrnord and @deaii. Stay safe.

Swag idea

The buttons are done. A friend of mine just took the EBL Logo from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1958423 and made them for me. She only made 24. I think I have to send one of them to EisFrei if he creates somthing great, so all of them are gone and I still own him some more :-)


Greetings and stay safe

EisFrei and durschdti