Hello EBL Teams,

the second Semi Final has ended.

I have to say sorry because of the late news. I always meet with my best friend on sundays at a restaurant. He works away from home and this is the only day we se each other. Since 14 years we know each other and we were even born in the same village but met after 18 year the first time. His girlfriend has a buttonmashine and I will send the EBL Logo to her. Perhaps I can show you the next time a picture of it.

After 3 glases of grog, rum with hot water, I went home. Ok, I tried to manage the score from the cellphone but that frustrated me. I was in control of the child carriage because my girlfriend was playing Ingress. I got home and the PC had to do some Win10 updates but after that the worst had to come. You have to imagen, at the moment we have to do a lot by hand. I click on the game and check on every stat by myself, so if your team will grow, it will take longer for me, at the moment. We have to check on what has to be done by the system by itself. I have to select every stat and accept it. If you do not upload with in hour after 8 p.m. to start I have to change the game time, safe it and go back into your profile to accept the stats. It can take a while and I have to reset the time again to let it look like before or the game will be shown as 3 a.m. 01/15/2017 till 7 p.m. 01/15/2017 :-) Never the less I did it. Let me show you the result.


don´t do it like that:

MaxiTintiFax 8.35 p.m. today didn´t accept it
andytirol first 6.47, second 7.01 p.m. closed my eyes but if it would have been close I would have said no

14th of January 2017 20:00 – 15th of January 2017 20:00 NinjaFrogs – IENS 2853521:3769728


Best Players of the Match:

angjaho NinjaFrogs 793500

MrGreen36 IENS 956479

IENS will advance to the Finals. Great Job IENS!!

NinjaFrogs miss again the final. I am so excited about a Vienna final. :-)

Upsoming Final to become the Champion of the World

and we can say World Champion more than any other sports. We are able to use every inch of this globe. :-)

18th of January 2017 19:00 – 19th of January 2017 19:00 SDHD – IENS


Good luck to both teams.

EBL Drafts

I think Enlightened_PT didn´t like to loose to SDHD in the Semi Final. In the last hours I accepted at leat 10 new players for this team.

Some of you say, but isn´t that unequal to other teams? On the one hand you are right but on the other you have the same option to grow. We let it run at this point of developement. It is beta and we want to get to know the thin red line to walk on. Good teams don´t have to be big, they just have many portals and teams with more players from the countryside have less portals. It is like Yin and Yang, is will become equal and levels itself.

Eisfrei the Bugkiller

Team Management

EisFrei made it possible last night. He fixed the bug which troubled us a while if you wanted to switch teams. Now you should create a team and if you join it you should be mod if no one else is already in it. The last player left in a team should be sez as mod too. Abandoned teams will be deleted by us. Another Problem is left but it is on the list, to create substitude mod.

Broadcast System

You will have noticed it, the last two days you did receive the message twice. I hope it was fixed. We will all know after I sent this to you, if it didn´t work out you can imagen me cursing. :-)

EBL Explained

I will put this link in every News letter to spread it and not getting lost.




EisFrei and durschdti