Hello EBL Teams,

you think this will be a hard game because of the weather conditions but this team from Vienna surprises me again. I asked them if whole Vienna is green but they respond, Sadly not. :-) I think they keep the best for the final.

the first Semi Final has ended.


13th of January 2017 20:00 – 14th of January 2017 20:00 == SDHD – Enlightened_PT 5173634:659510==


Best Players of the Match:

SpargeI SDHD 1386574

hyppo89 Enlightened_PT 209811

SDHD will advance to the Finals. Great Job SDHD!!

At this moment we know the first team of the final. In the next 24 hours we will know who will compete against them.

14th of January 2017 20:00 – 15th of January 2017 20:00 NinjaFrogs – IENS


Good luck to both teams.


EisFrei and durschdti