Hello players,

nothing is more interesting than analytics. :-)

Even though two people cannot build a big field in the world by themselves, we almost covered the whole globe with the help from players all around the world. (Sorry for the wrong color but it is Google Analytics standard view.) If you wanna build big fields in the world now, go ahead you know you have friends where you need them. :-)

visits by country
visits by country in numbers

Even though we only have 2612 registered users, we are happy many other users tried to have a look onto our side. No need to spy, just change faction or read this blog. :-)

As you can see we have an almost regular level of 400 active players each month. We are happy about this and we are proud to say, we do it for the class and not the mass. :-) Honestly, if we would have to maintain a league of 20.000 or more still without NianticĀ“s API access, we would have to spent too much time of our life on the system, something which we could not do. So we are happy with what we got and in times of mass productions, fast growth and short living stories we are proud of our small big league. Thanks to all of you who live next to us in this world and sharing time together by having a nice system which connects us all.

01.01.2018 - 31.12.2018

Now look at 2017. I think we did well in 2018. We have doubled the regular users. :-)

But still we are growing and almost every day a new player registers to our website. Big thanks to all of you who like our idea and share it with other people.


EisFrei and durschdti