Hello EBL teams and players,

I hope you had a good start into 2018.
I was sick and ended up in hospital to receive antibiotics for a week right after Christmas. This way I was sleeping like a baby when the new year began. :-)

Today I would like to show you some data about our EBL. I also want to report about the things we did and how they worked out. In the end I want to explain our new idea.

So let us get started.

The EBL Report

  • A total of 2072 people tried to register for the EBL.

  • At the moment we have a total count of 1943 registered and active user who can play in the EBL after all our checks.

  • 76 Players who have a blue account, left the EBL or have been black listed in V are marked as "Not Active".

  • 42 user didn´t finish the registration and without an Ingress name I can´t check on them.

  • During the last year, we had login attemps from all of these countries. The scale is the amount of sessions.

  • The amount of active user using the EBL in the last month, last week and daily.


  • The total number of sessions, the number of users who visited the website and the websites which have been opened in one year.



The numbers show us that we did a good job in the first year. We had a big success with the World Cup and I still wait for a picture of the teams who received the trophies. As far as I know, did the box find it's way to South America. I hope Hypnosapos and República Separatista will share their joy with us. I already met Angry Frogs in Berlin and I have the picture of them but you can send me a picture of the complete team with the trophy, as well. :-)

The Regular Season is a great idea for teams which really love to play Ingress all day long and who use it as a sport for themselves in life. Some teams are happy to play in the minor divisions because the highest division is just too strong but from time to time teams regroup and grow stronger to attack the highest division and the playoff positions.

The Playoffs are fun for the teams that made it this far. Everyone is playing till the last minute and can´t wait to see the results. Having games like this is a fundamental experience of the EBL and did show it's best at the World Cup.

Chatting with the players on our channels is fun and gives us feedback. Fixing and changing things or suggesting to try something new. It is not always done in a day or minute but we think about it and try to include it. Having only one programmer slows us down but like the app, by misterioso71, or vectorizing pictures, by Sharkitoo and slurf, or translation, by terp79 (checking and rewriting the EBL News) and all the others, is helping us a lot. Thanks to all of you.

In Conclusion

We are proud to connect Enlightened Players all over the world. This is a dream come true. Who whould have thought to know so many people around the world before Ingress? Thanks for giving this to us Niantic. The EBL is taking your thoughts into consideration and tries to expand it even further. We bring them even closer together by creating mixed teams around the world.

The Season and the Playoffs will stay as they are. Perhaps we will try to give more teams more points in the season for daily, weekly and monthly.

The next World Cup will be also in October and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will receive a trophy again. Perhaps we will find a sponsor who helps us finance them.

Smaller events are the next big thing. We had a Christmas event in Germany. Every day in December until the 24th had a special, e.g. deploy the most, destroy the most and so on. The EBL wasn´t used for this project. They used Agent Stats. I asked the creator of the event why he didn´t use our system and what he needed. We agreed on working together next December. Now we, more or less EisFrei, would have to develope an event system which players can use to create public global, non public global and team events. I wrote a text in German in the Comm to EisFrei and I hope he will find time and a way to create this option.

Until than you can send us your badge and we will implement it for you in our system. Everything is already possible but only we as an admin can do it.

This way you will be able to upload a badge and set the award bringing stat for the single player or team. This way you can create city events or spice up the Mission Day or Anomaly and award the best players in their field action. Thus the players not only will come to your town for a Niantic badge, they will come for your badge as well.


To devolop something new would be the easiest way but all we need is what we already have. Because of this, having or not having the new event system, I want to invite you all to the event which will round up the year in the EBL.

In May we will have a new tournament. All of you know the Olympics and some people tried to create such events on different plattforms. We will call our event "Spartakiade" which is a different name for the events like the Olympics.

The EBL year would look like this if we include the Spartakiade. This way we don´t always play the regular season and you can relax or not for a while. :-)


The EBL Spartakiade

This event will be more focused on the single player. This way we have a team event with the World Cup and a single player event with the Spartakiade but we still think about it to award the best team with the most points. :-)

A daily challenge will be given, all challenges when and what will be announced before the event will start, and the best player of the day will take the medail for the event. The player with the most points will be awarded with the medal of the best player of the tournament and also 2nd best and 3rd best will receive their special badge.


We think about creating a trophy or medal for real which will be send to the winners. I sent a scatch of the idea how it should look like to the person who already created the World Cup trophy.


Let us see how much it will cost. :-)


EisFrei and durschdti