Hello EBL Teams,

Today we have no playoff game and we like to give to you The EBL Explained. As I wrote before we are still in beta testing. We found some mistakes with your help but we still don´t understand why we have 941 accepted players but only 196 players in the monthly scoreboard. By the way 1025 players have registered but 84 have been blacklisted because they didn´t respond or had blue accounts but we want to have 1000 real green accounts in our system. Perhaps the following instructions will help us to complete our goal.

Step One: Registration

visit https://liga.erleuchte.de

Now you have 3 options to register.

Option 1:

use v.enl.one

  • if you already registered at this website and reached lvl 2 you will be accepted without problems

  • v.enl.one is our partner and we use the data from this website to get the infos we need

  • if someone will be blacklisted on v.enl.one it will happen in the EBL as well to keep the community green

Option 2:

use Google

  • login with your Google account

  • the registration will ask you now to fill in your agent name and if you want to join a team that already exists

  • if you join a team the moderator of the team has to accept you. we as an admin won't do this unless the mod has problems and tells us to do it for him

  • finish the registration and send it

Option 3:

use Telegram bot @EnLigaBot

  • same as Option 2

After Registration:

If you have send the registration as explained in Option 2 and 3 you use the @EnLigaBot to log in again or you will be redirected to another page which looks like this.


You copy the text EBL: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and paste it into the faction chat of the game.

This message will be send to place on the intel map where we as an admin will check it.


  • Only a green account can send it in the faction chat

  • we will see your registered agent name and the verification code

After Acception

After we accepted you, you have some additional options:

Option 1: Personal Settings

  • use the menu button if you use a cellphone or at the computer use the dropdown in the right corner next to your agent name

  • in settings you can choose a team to join if you haven´t done this yet (because you had to check on the map first to see which team looks best for you)

  • you can set the option if you want to receive the upload reminder on a daily, weekly, monthly basis or never

  • you can put a check mark on receive admin broadcast to be informed by us if a new newsletter is out or when a playoff game for your team is about to start. We can broadcast to all or to specific teams only

  • set your timezone

  • set your reminder when you want to receive a notification to upload your stats

  • finally you can also create a new team at Team name. You should be placed as a mod for the team

  • just give us a shout if that won´t work. It seems a bit buggy at the moment.

Option 2: Teams

  • you visit the site https://liga.erleuchte.de/teams and check on the map if there's already a team in your area and try to register for it or create a new one

  • you can click on a team's name to see the details (agent names, moderators and games)

  • only the admins can see your g+, v.enl.one and telegram profile if you want to get in touch with a team you have to do it the old way, use the faction chat (security of your personal data is an important fact)

Check your teammates

My home town community Dresden asked me if we could filter some stats so they can see who did best.

  • e.g. https://liga.erleuchte.de/teams/17

  • now you can check on 8 stats in any team

  • you can filter who is best by clicking on the name of the stat you want to know

  • you have shortcuts to daily, weekly and monthly for only this team

  • it is not finished yet but you will see the 8 stats in daily, weekly and monthly too


Now you can check on your own teammates if they did send an upload and if they have mistakes in the upload.

Create your own community awards:


Option 3: Scoreboard

Option 4: Season

  • have a look on the current season and the finished seasons, https://liga.erleuchte.de/seasons

  • at the moment we are in Beta Season Three, https://liga.erleuchte.de/seasons/3

  • Recursion is the top divison

  • Shōnin is the lowest at the moment because all the other divisions are filled with teams which don´t make uploads (that is why I write this :-) )

Option 5: Playoffs and friednship games

  • if you click on https://liga.erleuchte.de/games you will see future and past playoff games

  • if you click on a team's name you will see the members and mods

  • if you click on a date you will see the players and the score they made

Option 6: Personal Stats


  • use the share button on your agent profile

  • please don´t try to send it directly to the @EnLigaBot

  • save the screenshot and send it as 'file' from your gallery (as 'photo' / 'compressed' won't work)


  • iphone users please use the email way and please check if your email ID is connected to the email app which you used to register for the EBL

  • another way is to save the pic in dropbox and upload it from there

  • if it won´t work out, please use the fourth information from Option 6 and upload it directly on the website at your stats page

Checking your stats

  • the bot will send you a message which will tell you if your values seem to be correct or if the system had some trouble with it

  • if the values are ok you can relax

  • if the system has a problem you should click on check values which will send you directly to your upload and you can check it for any errors

Option 7: Send your stats

  • READ THE RULES https://liga.erleuchte.de/rules

  • on a weekly and monthly basis you can upload your stats any time and the first and last upload will count to calculate the AP you made

  • on a daily basis we have a little trouble to make the cut, we can´t provide a 24h cycle because of the time stamp

  • let me explain the DAILY Upload

  • our system is connected with the CET timezone

  • https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=first+day+of+month+20:00+europe%2Fberlin

  • every day at 8 p.m. CET we make a cut

  • at this point the scoreboard and the season will be calculated

  • the next 16 hours your uploads will not count for the daily but for the weekly and monthly stats

  • you have a 9 hour time window to upload your stats

  • you have to set your timezone in your personal setting

  • the @EnLigaBot will send you a notification

Scoreboard Score

  • The daily scoreboard and season points can only be given to you if you uploaded the day before and today because we need a daily difference.==

  • The weekly starts and ends on every sunday but uses your first and last upload of the week==

  • The monthly starts and ends on the 1st of every month and uses the first and last upload of the month

Season Score

  • it is the same as the scoreboard but with only one difference, the season starts on the 2nd of the month and ends in the following month on the 1st

  • if you click on Division Stats Scoreboards in the division you can see who won the day or weekly points

  • have a look in the divsion to find out how much points can be earned

  • the season champion will be the Team which won the Recursion division

  • the first 4 teams in a division will advance to the next divsion

  • the last 4 teams in a divsion will descend to the lower divison

  • seat 5 and 6 will stay


To calculate the difference the system doesn´t allow us to have the same date.


Playoff Score

  • All teams will be put into one divison by the admin.

  • the 10 best teams will be placed into the playoff round

  • every team from every divsion can compete in the playoffs

  • the winner of the playoffs is global champion for a month


Playoff Round:

Wild Card Round

4th: Wild Card A 8th vs. 9th
5th: Wild Card B 7th vs. 10th

Quarter Finals

6th: 5th vs. 6th Game 3
7th: 3rd vs. 4th Game 4
8th: 1st vs. Lowest Winning Seed From Wild Card Round Game 5
9th: 2nd vs. Highest Winning Seed From Wild Card Round Game 6

Semi Final

13th: Winner Game 3 vs Winner Game 5 Semi Final A
14th: Winner Game 4 vs Winner Game 6 Semi Final B


18th: Winner Semi Final A vs Winner Semi Final B


Upload Time

  • in https://liga.erleuchte.de/games you will see the upcoming games

  • it shows the starting date and the time

  • every teammember has to send their upload between the given times

  • every playoff game will last 24 hours

  • wrong uploads won´t be accepted

  • earlier or later uploads won´t be accepted

  • the time is our local time the Central European Time, CET

  • every game will set differently if the teams don´t share the same timezone

  • e.g. if a team from Moscow is competing against a team from Chicago it would like this

    • Team Moscow starts at 8 p.m.

    • Team Chicago starts at 11 a.m.


  • in https://liga.erleuchte.de/games you would see a game which starts at 22 o´clock

  • this is 10 p.m.

  • Moscow is 2 hours ahead of CET

  • Chicago is 7 hours behind CET

  • in your personal settings you can set your regional timezone

  • with this option we will try to show every team the time in their timezone

All Star Game

In the All Star Game the best 16 players of the season after the playoffs will be placed into two team.

  • All Star Team Cosmic Toads vs All Star Team Space Frogs

  • The All Star Game will be played on the 25th of the month.

  • The Players will be selected as followed

  • 1221122112211221

  • 1 = Toads, 2 = Frogs, counted down from the first place

We hope this could help you a bit to understand the EBL.


EisFrei and durschdti