Hello EBL Players,

and welcome to the year 2020.

Let's have a look into last and upcoming seasons.

Division Recursion and Playoffs

King SDHD is dead , long live King Green Alert. ENL Madrid OPs & MUs and Riñon Verde claim the second and third place.

Final Game of the Playoffs

Award for winning the Playoffs

The whole team of Green Alert will receive the Kings of Pool badge.

Award for winning the Season

The whole team of Green Alert will receive this EBL Season Championship badge.

The new championship ranking looks like this:

Season Championship

  • SDHD 13 titles
  • Green Alert 8 titles (kept the position of NWBT)
  • República Separatista 2 titles
  • Angry Frogs 1 title
  • Phoenixmasonry 1 title
  • NWBT 1 title (split up in New Wave Enlightened and Green Alert)

Playoff Championships

  • SDHD 8 titles
  • Green Alert 5 titles (kept the position of NWBT)
  • Hypnosapos 3 titles
  • NWBT 3 titles (split up in New Wave Enlightened and Green Alert)
  • Angry Frogs 2 titles
  • República Separatista 2 titles
  • IENS 1 title
  • EnlCat - Brigadas Internacionales 1 title
  • Riñon Verde 1 title
  • ENL Madrid OPs & MUs 1 title

World Cup Championships

  • Green Alert 2 titles (2018/2019)
  • Hypnosapos 1 title (2017)

Spartakiade Championships

  • Green Alert 1 title (2019)
  • República Separatista 1 title (2018)

Division Interitus

Team Angry Frogs is Victorious and will advance to Recursion and catch a save spot for the playoffs.

Division Helios

Team 4E Ecuador shows how it is done and takes the win in Helios and becomes a Rising Star.

Scoreboard Champions

Green Alert earned the most APs with their best 8 players on the monthly scoreboard.

Being part of the best team in the monthly scoreboard

Crush them all

ruflen rocked the month and earned this badge.

Owner accomplished the most AP in the monthly scoreboard

All Star Game

All players will receive their All Star Badge when the game starts. The game will start on the 2nd of January.

All Star MVP

ruflen was the best player of the ALL Star Game

The best of the best of the best - You have been the best player of the All Star Game.
Being a Cosmic Toad
Being a Space Frog


Our team wishes all the best to the family of the developer of the Hackvent calendar who passed away last month.

Thank you EMOTEK for your work and contribution to the Ingress community.

Playoff Picture Season 29


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