Hello players,

I hope everyone is doing fine and is staying at home if possible. Those who keep our supplies running, you are heroes. Thanks for your effort.

The EBL won't continue with the regular season until our governments tells us the situation is under control.

New Season

Nevertheless we still have keys and cubes in our pockets. This month you can show how good you can play from your second favorite place if you aren't hunting portals. Hit the couch and recharge as much as you want and check out who will be the best team this "Couch Season". Best team in recharging will win the season. Since our system is running on AP, I will open up a group to filter this stat. I will let you know when it is done.

EBL Spartakiade

If things stay as they are, we will need a 'Plan B' . Write me your suggestions what can be done from home, e.g. recharging, best intel drawing picture, sit ups, push ups. :-) Perhaps we should do a Rocket League, a World of Warships/Tanks/Airplanes, Russian Fishing (just found it on Steam, who catches the biggest fish), etc. tournament instead of regular Ingress gameplay.

Please let us know if you have good ideas for a Spartakiade in case we have to stay home in May.

Please stay safe. You are great. Help each other to manage this situation in a proper way.


EisFrei and durschdti