Hello players,

we are hoping everyone of you and your family is feeling well. In the next day, weeks and months we are bound to global and regional rules which we all should accept.

Since every major sport league is shutting down their games because of travelling and crowded places, we need to follow their lead and example. Our advantage to play without having contact with other people is pretty nice but the instructions of our goverments shouldn't be downplayed and we should reduce the risk of meeting other people.

The current running game between 4E Ecuador and Galiza Enl is the last one which will be played and finished. The season will take also a break.

Please take your time for precaution and to help your family and other people.

Some small advices:

  1. wash your hands
  2. make home office if you can
  3. don't go to crowded places or events
  4. don't travel if you really don't have to
  5. wear masks if you have some
  6. stay human and help other people as far as you can (e.g. do shopping for people in quaratine, watch children for people how need to go outside because of special service like doctors or nurses, teach students who stay at home, etc.)
  7. don't try to send your kids to grandma or grandpa because the older ones are the people who should be put in a safe position



StayThis app gives you an overview on the current status of the outbreak.

Stay save and healthy and see you on Steam, LOL, Fortnight, StarCitizen, WOW or any other game you can enjoy at home if things go to much south.

Your EBL Team

EisFrei and durschdti