Hello EBL Teams,

I hope you are all in Shard fever and use our contacts to achieve the best result for the Enlightened. :-)

Big News

We have teams from all continents!!! A few days ago a team from Brisbane, Australia joined us. **Big Thanks to Down Under!!!

Upcoming Semi Finals

February 13, 2017 7:00 PM – February 14, 2017 7:00 PM SDHD – Magdeburg

February 14, 2017 7:00 PM – February 15, 2017 7:00 PM NinjaFrogs – GreenBerlin

Upcoming All Star Game

February 25, 2017 7:00 PM – February 25, 2017 7:00 PM All Star Team Space Frogs – All Star Team Cosmic Toads
Best 16 players of the month

or just check on https://liga.erleuchte.de/games.

New Rules

EisFrei and I agreed on pushing to hard by saying a team has to have minimum 4 players. We leveled it down on 2. We are still at the beginning but we don´t want to give small teams to much of a big advantage and a team starts at least by 2 and not by 1. We count bodies and not identities. :-)

With that rule change we have a total of 107 teams. 107 minus 2 because of team Admin and Team World which we created. So 105 Teams is a nice count but not everyone is playing. We still have to find a way to delete teams which don´t play to have a better overview. Since Nia is writing about 13 people in their story line we could expand the division to 13 teams to have more options with the rise and fall system and be more related to Ingress.

Playoff Games

I wrote EisFrei to create a script where i take the dailys of the teams as in season an can compare them in the games. So only the best 2 to 8 will count. In the beginning we have to use average score but the final goal will be total AP of all if every team has to have 8 players at least. If the teams will grow we can scale up to where ever it will be best. 16 is a nice number too. :-) It hasn´t been done something so the old system of all against all by full AP will stay until we inform you about the change.

I have to say, I am proud of our system.


  1. Today I received a message from a blue player and he was angry about a green player who "has" a blue account and created a blue block link so Resistance had problems to link the Shard.
  2. In my home town community a player is under suspicion to spoof to and now everyone has to say something or choose a side.

I am happy I decided to go further and left home community orga to different people. Ok, the annunal meeting I visit and organise from time to time. Heh, they are still my friends for several years but it got to much with all those chats and always feeling to write something to make a statement.

Ok, lets say why I am proud of our system. It´s hard to register and cheat.

  1. Having only one faction you can´t wintrade.
  2. Everyone is checking the scoreboard and if someone is doing something wrong we have TG and G+ ID and can block him/her. So he/she could only use a new TG and G+ account and a new Ingress ID. I think that is to much work just for trying to be a good player for a month.
  3. You don´t have to stick to communities or people you always see and you have some disagreements with. Just look for a team around the world and play your style. But still, when it comes to it, be mean but not with green and stick together. :-)
  4. We only use AP at the moment and cheating on AP is much more dificult than building fields. That is another reason why we don´t want to count MU as a season or game. Only friendship games should be considered to use this because it is besides the count of the league. If we wouldn´t take this to serious we could even invite spoofers to play a game just to see how bad they could play but not effecting the scores in the season. :-)

And please don´t cheat on yourself by using farmbots. I have such a long block list because of these messages everyday. In the old days we where using 30 level 8 burster which we farmed in 2 hours to rule the hood. :-)

Lost in Translation

Lanuage is funny. On one hand it is bad that we don´t speak the same language to not even let missunderstandings happend but on the other it is fun to learn different vocabs to break the barrier. I am from Dresden, Saxony, Germany. Saxony is know for their special slang in Germany. It is often said we sing in our language. If we speak we don´t realize that but if we watch some of our Saxons speak on TV we are a little bit surprised how we sound. We have a special word for Yes, it is written like Nu. As you see is could be more related to No than Yes. So the other German States think often the same and wonder why we nod our head instead of shaking it when we use it. Nunu is yesyes and we use this form pretty often. A few days ago I had a chat with AltarielValice from South Africa and I showed her a pic of my little baby child. He said Nunu. I asked her what she means by using it. She said, "The awkward moment when you forget that you're on an international group and words have different meanings. Nunus is south African slang for adorable or cute, or used for showing affection." I had a big smile on my face by reading this because we have a saying in Saxony. "We live in the country of the Nunus. Where the pretty girls grow on trees."

Enough of chatting. Go out there and play safe but get those shards in the right pocket. Have a nice day or night. :-)


EisFrei and durschdti