Hello EBL Teams,

last season 100 teams were registered. With the new rules and discarding inactive teams we have 47 teams left. If you want to start again just tell me and I will put your team back into the season.

I am sorry for some teams, e.g. ENL PH EAST, they have three team members and so they can´t play in the new season with the new rule of having a minimum of 4 members.

Please check in https://liga.erleuchte.de/teams, sort by members and try to join teams. I created a Team World. If you have no team or you can´t find somebody to join your team than join Team World. This team is used for connecting people all around the world who don´t have a team at the moment. This whole league is about connecting each other so don´t just stick to your home or country community. Get mixed up and be creative by finding a cool new team name without a city in it. I don´t ave to place your team in a city on the map. We are happy if you play, learn new languages and most important find new friends.

Season Winner

Congratulation to


I hope with the new rules your team will have more competition. :-)

New Season and Divisions are created.



Let us try something new this season. Every teams will start in their timezone as the time says. We are still in beta testing and we should test some new possibilities and which one is best. Every team has 23:59h to play and it doesn´t matter if they start and finsh together or not. Enlightened_PT and ZA_L33TS please start in your timezone as the time says on the schedule 6 p.m. in Potugal an 7 p.m. in South Africa.

Playoffs will start on the 4th of February with the first Wild-Card Game

4th-5th of February
ZA_L33TS – Krümelfrösche Chemnitz


5th-6th of February
Enlightened_PT – ENL Jena


6th-7th of February
Magdeburg – IENS


7th-8th of February
Dresden – GreenBerlin


ALL Star Game on the 02/25/2017


1 carpediem1160 - SDHD
2 BodhiDeluX - SDHD
2 Meedaz - Dresden
1 chaos004 - without team
1 SpargeI - SDHD
2 janc70 - Magdeburg
2 Dcrodg - IluminadosColombia
1 SkaPete - NinjaFrogs
1 angjaho - NinjaFrogs
2 BlackSeaTiger - Frogswat HL
2 Haimai - IENS
1 MrGreen36 - GRUENSPAN
1 HerrStrudel - ENL Jena
2 pd1254 - Dresden
2 Takri - SDHD
1 Worfinator - NinjaFrogs

Friendship Games

Please contact me if you didn´t make the playoffs but you like to play a friendship game. In the interest of testing I would like to create a game. e.g. Chicagoland vs Mumbai would be great to test if the game would work.


EisFrei and durschdti