Hello EBL Team,

today we had our first Final and both Teams SDHD and Frogswat HL made a great game.

I am so happy that many teams keep up with the league. If the upload wonß´t work for you we are on it. We noticed our fault and we try to fix it. You will have the chance to become Enlightened World Champion.

Now let us have a check on the result of the finale.

== SDHD – Frogswat HL 5303805 : 3241917==

Congrats to Team


to the first EBL Championship in Beta Testing

Season Two

Please try to upload your stats at your local time between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. It is the first solution we have and how you make points. We noticed our fault and hope this will solve it before our changes. We have to renew the stats by hand but you should be shown on the scoreboard even if it takes 24 hours.



Key Chain Badges


Special Thanks

I have to thank a special friend of mine who lost a beloved person this weekend. He is a resistance player but without him I would never had the intensions to go this deep into the game and become his worst nightmare. :-) He lives just around the corner and he is invited to my table any time he wants it, not only for the holidays.


EisFrei and durschdti