Hello EBL Teams,

the second Semi Final has ended and it almost looked like Vienna bring the two final teams to the table but we have an international competition now. Frogswat HL fought hard and grabed the ticket for the last game of the first season and this is the score.

13th December 2016 20:00– 14th December 20:00 NinjaFrogs – Frogswat HL 2614964 : 3187253

Upcoming Final

17th December 2016 20:00– 18th December 20:00 SDHD - Frogswat HL

Check out the players of both teams who will compete against each other.

The whole EBL Team whishes both teams luck and a clean green fight. Keep up and farm well to be ready to become the first team to reach for the crown.


EisFrei made an update of some scripting packages and so the scoreboard broke down. We just noticed with the help of you. He will fix the bugs in time.

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Eisfrei and durschdti