Hello EBL teams,

what a night and what a problem to solve. It is pretty amazing how much the EBL already effects players. Let us shorten it down. Yes I messed it up by not thinking about the Anomalies. Who would have known that Niantic set them on a date the EBL Playoff Final Game takes place? :-)

For those who only like to read the solution, I will place it first and those who are interested in the developement of it can read the TLTR below it.

The Warsaw Solution

SDHD and NWBT players in Warsaw are adviced to follow the orders of the OPs of the Anomaly because the EBL has been created to form great players and teams in gameplay and communication, to perform better than regular players and to have a better chance against the superior might of the blue faction. You are part of the Elite which is highly diciplined and can be even more trusted not messing up the OPs Intel with unwanted links compared to those who come to the event just for fun, the badge and some unique visits.

If both teams will lose this game to República Separatista, all teams will receive an extra badge which is called the Handycap Match. Like in Wrestling, it is 2 against 1 and the scores of SDHD and NWBT will be added together and if they have more points combined than República Separatist, they will receive the winner badge and Republica the looser badge. República Separatista will still be named Kings of the Pool if they win the regular game. (further explantions in TLTR)

Design of the Handycap Match Baged






Every new rule takes away a little bit of freedom and can bring down something which will only take place in a special time and only count for a specific group of people.
It is important and my tribute to the league to be a judge in first place and not a team member. I teach players how the EBL works in team Tadpole before telling them to leave and create or join a different team.


  • creating a rule for only one game effects all other games which follow
  • semi and quarter finals would experience the same effect
  • you cannot change the date of a major game only because the best players are hurt a bit
  • all players of the team receive the badge after winning not only the best 8, which means that all should play
  • NWBT has 39 players accross Russia, some from Kaliningrad, some from Moscow and some from Jekaterinburg
  • SDHD has 28 players
  • you have the chances of inviting players from around the world, who can play in your team and do not take part in a Niantic event
  • it would be unfair to the third team that has to wait until the other teams are ready because of my fault
  • changing a game in forecast is bad because no one knows which team will make the finals
  • we have about 300 active players and 1/3 of them are from Europe and perhaps half of those players will split up into two Anomalies
  • OPs shouldn't be worried of this small group, they should be mad because there are not more of them
  • both sites will have an Anomaly and a Mission Day the next day which seems pretty good for a lot of points.

I can come up with many more reasons but it is more important to show a solution.

The Warsaw Solution is not a rule but a way to animate players to make the trip to a Anomaly. Teams which support such events take on a challenge and this is what the EBL is about.

The "Handycap Match" badge ("Handy" is a German term for a cellphone because you hold it in your hand) is a badge an EBL admin will use if the rules of the EBL won´t solve the problem.
This time SDHD and NWBT scores will be added together and if the score is higher then República Separatista's score both teams will receive the winner badge. So it is a different competition which can be won by both sides. If one of the two team is still winning the final game, the badge won't be given to any team. I won´t just hand you a badge because our time table isn't connected with the Anomalies but I give both sides a better chance to win something. República Separatista can proof how good they are by being even better than both of the other teams and earning the badge as well.

Looser Badge: SDHD + NWBT
Winner Badge: RS
King of the Pool: RS

Looser Badge: RS
Winner Badge: SDHD + NWBT
King of the Pool: RS

King of the Pool: SDHD or NWBT

Design Handycap Match Winner Level 4 and 9



EBL players will receive as much support as possible from the EBL during such events because you are meeting different players and you respresent our project. We want you to perform as good as possible in order to kick some smurfy butts and win the event for us, the Enlightened, to show how professional you really are.

EBL players what is your profession?