Last night at about 02:15 (german time) a Res agent decided to register for the league.
As he didn't have a v account, he was not automatically verified and thus got a message inviting him to our public Telegram support group.

Directly after joining he started adding other Res agents and bots to the group. A few of those bots were used to spam and others were known scraper-bots used as bait, so he could urge the other agents to take screenshots of the alleged misconduct and send cheating-reports to Niantic.

He and his minnions continued to spam the group for about 5 hours, when the german based admins got up to start their days and saw that more than 2000 messages had been posted to the group. About 95% of those messages were spam consisting of memes, shitposts and pornography. The other messages were either insulting or about getting the other agents to defame us.

The agent inciting the others apparently is mentioned in the brokersguild leak and has too much time on his hands, because of a 30 days ban.

A report about his behaviour has been sent to Niantic.

Pics or it didn't happen: